Nice article about the new plans of Jeff Bezos:

What’s new about Amazon is the leap to physical products. This might be one of those evolutionary milestones, like when the first fish crawled up on land, or Jimi Hendrix discovered feedback on his electric guitar and altered the path of rock music. (Those being events of equivalent importance.)

Amazon’s platform will be the first to include physical distribution. “You could notify us to expect inventory from you, tell us when to pick it (from warehouse shelves), and we’ll send it to any address,” Bezos says. “We’ve spent 12 years getting good at these things, so why should somebody else have to start from scratch?”

Bezos’ idea cracks open an intriguing can of worms. Why shouldn’t an established manufacturer do the same, leasing out factory space and industrial design teams and its expertise the same way? Sure, there are limitations. Factories aren’t as flexible as warehouses or data centers, which can handle business from just about any industry. So a manufacturer’s markets would be narrower.