I will start this blog with an ever evolving Manifesto.

Why Contribution Marketing?

People are getting connected. The world is getting flat and transparant. Connected people create their own markets. A new democracy is rising. The power of the collective will start to influence us beyond the boundaries of Media/ICT.(web 2.0). People seek sustainability, contribution to their life and that of the community, transparancy and intrinsic product values.

Companies still live in isolation. Focussed on growth, input/output, brands, advertising and profit. There is no dialogue. They don’t serve the public.

These two worlds are clashing. Growth versus Contribution. Old marketing and new marketing. This is the time of the people..They will create their own economy if needed.

In order to survive companies need to know how they can contribute. Contribution Marketing is the process to manage the transition from a growth strategy to a contributing strategy. From an isolated strategy to a connected strategy.

Traditionally companies consider themselves as a money making machine(input/output). In the future a company sees itself as a part of a bigger “machine”. Where the company fulfills a certain purpose to contribute to a larger meaning( e.g. a better planet)

Contribution marketing is focussed on the improvement of basic human values in your selected market and for your selected people.

Products are positioned around intrinsic values: healthier, cleaner, cheaper, greener but also entertaining, creative and visually pleasing.

It is the purest form of marketing..

Truely listen and act..

Customer drives the business..