A week ago I posted something about User Generated Products. Part of the post was a powerpoint presentation.. Somehow I had difficultygetiing the point across..

Well. Just read a post on the blog of John Hagel. Here a small part of his post..

Almost a decade ago, I detected an intriguing pattern regarding the unbundling and rebundling of firms (purchase unfortunately required). Those of you have been following me for a while know the drill – I believe that most companies are an unnatural bundle of three very different types of businesses:

* Infrastructure management businesses – high volume, routine processing businesses – think of managing a logistics network or manufacturing assembly operations
* Product innovation and commercialization businesses – coming up with creative new products or services, getting them to market quickly and accelerating adoption
* Customer relationship businesses – getting to know a set of customers extremely well and using that knowledge to be more helpful in configuring tailored bundles of products and services to meet the needs of individual customers

These three business types have very different economics, skill sets and even cultures, yet they are tightly integrated into most companies today. The first wave of outsourcing can be understood as the systematic carving out of the infrastructure management businesses from companies, but we’re just on the cusp of a second wave that will unbundle product innovation and commercialization businesses from customer relationship businesses.

Based on this story I re-uploaded my presentation and used the structure from John..

Have a look.. Curious about your opinion..