More and more signals are coming that CSR is at The Tipping Point. Mc Kinsey wrote in last year’s quarterly that 84% of executives from around the globe who participated in a McKinsey survey said their companies should pursue both shareholder value and creating a broader public good. At Futurelab just read an article from John Makower where he quotes the Guardian that states that BUSH(yeah Bush) might agree to a U.S. cap on greenhouse gas emissions for the first time. Next to that we have Al Gore, Bono’s RED, and also a group which call themselves 3C Initiative for Combat Climate Change. The goal, says 3C, is:

to underline the need for urgent action by the global community and to influence the post-Kyoto process by demanding a global framework supporting a market-based solution to the climate change issue. This can be achieved by getting as many companies as possible aboard and by getting our common platform well known and well understood.

All together many many forces drive towards a more structured and strategic approach on CSR and sustainability. I feel that the pressure is changing quickly from corporates towards governments. Adapted legislation is needed to facilitate strategic CSR. Just hope governments take this momentum and act on it swiftly and adequate (for a change)..


Vattenfall: We have a vision and a plan for how to move forward, which could result in almost 80 percent decrease of carbon dioxide CO2 emissions, that would stabilise our atmosphere.