From Chiang Mai Thailand just a small note..

Fascinating to see how distribution of goods is structured in Thailand. It is much more democratized than in the Netherlands. Soo many “outlets” so many local distribution points of local needed goods. Community oriented shops. No barriers of retail formats, franchising, brands,etc. Just “uncontrolled” distribution there where it is needed offered by them who want to offer it. Reminds me somehow of the low cost distribution network of internet. No access barriers(high rent, legislation) to trade and serve your local community.

Other interesting thing I noticed is the effect of unbalance(too many people). In the city there is unbalance resluting in trash, poverty, street dogs, disease. All activities focused on improving the condition of the city are planned around the symptoms and not on the restrucuring of balance. Funny enough I came in contact with Ayurveda. Wondering how this could be applied to ther entities than companies, cities, etc..