Just read on a dutch blog about Pepsi’s new cans. With these new designs(35) they try to attract the youth and hope that they will choose Pepsi over Coca Cola. Designs are for example about music, cars, and sport. People can also create(yeah yeah) their own design..

Please stop squeezing the marketing system! Optimizing the attention game is just so uninteresting. Change the game!!

I really start to hate this kind of marketing… I really start to be ashamed for being associated with marketing. How do these new cans contribute to anything? How does it make the product better? What additional value is offered. This is just about value extraction. How serious are you about your consumers? Just more share of stomach?

Please Pepsi challenge challenge challenge!!!! Happy to help…


P.S. Sometimes it just all comes out at once.. Hope you are not startled by my emotional outburst..