All around me I see businesses and complete industries asking themselves this question. How is it that right now so many people are asking themselves this question? It is almost like finding an object in your basement and asking yourself where did I use this for? Or in the middle of a fight you asking yourself why the hell did we start this fight? Strange to see people sitting in the middle of their resources and tools questioning their purpose or reason of existence. What changed? Just like in the example of the tool and the fight time passed and the use or purpose of the item diminshed. Therefore becoming obsolete. In other words the energy just went out of it. It is Autumn in company land. Why would this happen. Why do we have a changed view on the use or purpose of companies(maybe we don’t see it yet that conscious). My personal belief is that the beliefsystem of “welfare = happiness” isn’t right. Also the beliefsystem of “stuff = happiness” isn’t right anymore. Well companies are the centerpiece of both these beliefsystems. So now our pursuit of happiness continues towards new beliefs. Basically we created machines that would bring us happiness but didn’t. We also created a beliefsystem that isolated growth(careers, marketshare, beauty) would bring us happiness. We believed that a free market meant healthy competition. All these beliefs are crumbling currently. Basically resulting in companies ignoring it, companies that are apathic, companies that sell themself and companies that are adapting.

How are the new beliefs looking? Well again in my opinion in random order: people = happiness, collaboration = happiness and contribution = happiness. What will be build as the centerpiece of such beliefs? Well it is US. Not the United States but YOU, ME and WWW. The empowered and connected human. No longer slave of the tools he build. No longer dependent on the institutions he build to govern him. A flat world. Total democracy. What role do companies have in such a world? They are no longer the motor of society. They were great to create strong countries but they are not great to create a strong world. Or are they? Is it unthinkable that these thoughts might even influence the perceived value of money? The motor is a connected virtual marketplace of millions and millions of individuals. Sharing, creating, trading, recommending, changing, influencing, exchanging and demanding.

I believe this future brings companies back in the role of creating tools and being tools. Like the blacksmith in any medievil village. Access to resources and happy to serve you.

So if you ask yourself what business am I in. Here is the answer: whatever business you choose to be in. Look at your access to resources. Look at your skills. Ask yourself how you can support the new beliefsystem and create tools to support this new world.