Just watched The Secret. Nice documentary on the Law of Attraction. Basically anything you give attention to will grow. If you feel joy, more joy will be created by the universe.. etc, etc. I watched it online. It is worth the $4,95 😉

The movie gives you guidance on how to create your own desired reality. Big question I know have how would this apply in a 20.000 people company. Could we use brands as tools to focus our thoughts and feeling in companies. In a 100% transparant world there is no difference between corporate image and brand image anyway. Is there? For example if a company lacks creativity. How would you turn this around using the law of attraction? Somehow you would need to focus on creativity and everybody would need to imagine the loads of creative people working there.. You would need to believe the creative energy, the waterfall of ideas and the fertile breeding ground. Or would it be enough if the CEO would believe it? nah.

If brands are there to be admired and loved. Why not focus them on the employees instead of on consumers.. Use the power of visualisation to create a strong image of the company you wish to be. An emotional and passionate image. Full of purpose and meaning. This to create change within the company. This change will be visible to consumers and resulting in a better reputation.

Old model: brand=>changes consumer=>changes sales
New model: brand => changes employees=> changes company(reputation)=>changes consumers=> changes sales

Just some crazy thoughts..