Do you have an account on Twitter?

How many friends do you have? How many followers do you have?

Let’s divide them: friends/followers

Your score is:

0,1 – 0,5: You must be a pretty arrogant bastard. No friends but a big following

0,5 -1,0: Healthy score. You show that you have social skills and you have a good following. You have built some Social Capital

1,0 – 1,5: Watch it..Build your follower base. I suggest to react to friends so they will reply to you. People not on your list but on the list of your friend will see this and starts to wonder who you are..hmm one step closer..

1,5 – 3,0: You are a reader. Loyal and have low self esteem. Delete some friends that don’t put you on their list..

Bytheway my score is: 1,4 hehe expect some direct twits from me..