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Great post on Hee-Haw marketing. Comforting to see more are seeing the change..

Please read it!

Here are some great parts out of that post:

 So, the picture should be even clearer. Advertising is dead, but marketing isn’t. We’ve started to adapt to this new environment by doing the only thing we could do, stop advertising, and just embrace the humanity of it all.

Now, we’ve become conversationalists, trying desperately to elicit some response where before we simply ignored it. And that’s a good thing. The implication is that we no longer own it or control it. Now we earn it.

While “targeting” the right consumers is more important than ever, our focus is expanding to trust, to improving the lives of our customers. It’s evidenced when you hear ad:tech attendees like Carver say, “The first question that should be hardwired in our product skulls is how will this help someone do something better, or faster or with more enjoyment…my mom, myself, my friends, etc. If we didn’t believe in our technology and the effort then there would be no enjoyment in bringing an app to market. In the end today’s market and media should be about many levels of choice and the opportunity to participate at whatever level a person finds most rewarding.”

As Harold Mann of Mann Consulting said, “But those that definitely work to improve people’s lives tend to make money more easily. When the money is the byproduct of the work and not the reason for it, it is easier to sustain one’s career.”


You probably heard that In Sao Paolo Billboards are illegal?

Well there are other ways of taking back public space..

Below is a clip about the Pixelator rom Jason Eppink.

The Abstractor from Ji Lee is kind of the same project. Ji is also responsible for The Bubble Project

Dear reader,

My proposal for a ChangeThis Manifesto was approved. Currently my proposal is up for voting. When I have enough votes(I have no idea what enough is) it will be published.

Here is my proposal:

Value Creation: The RIGHT way


The coming years competitive advantage for corporations is created purely by right brain activities: creativity, intuition, emotion, communication and a holistic view of the world. This manifesto is about releasing the strength of the right side brain within businesses. It shows ways to create new value in an emotional driven world. This manifesto has the ambition to support companies to reach their true potential. Not through growth but through self actualization. “A company at best can be itself”

Thanks for voting for this manifesto!

On the great blog BrandAutopsy I reacted on a blogpost from John about Starbucks. He asked readers to react on how Starbucks should act now(read here the cause of the story). He will compile the answers and a make an e-book out of it. Well here the answer I mailed.

Hi John,


Well you challenged me with your question what should Starbucks do. First of all I don’t know Starbucks very well, but the situation Starbucks is in is not unique. Many companies have drifted it away from their original intended experience or mission. The last 20 years businesses and brands have been the center of our society. They were the engine and many their fuel. Our firm belief was businesses(brands) need to grow. Growth is good! It brings us wealth, jobs and power. Times have changed. We are at a changing point. At the end of a consciousness. We understand that “isolated growth” and abundance in choice don’t bring us satisfaction. We are building a new consciousness. One where we divert from products, brands and companies being the beatmasters of our lives. There is a shift in power.

The current movements in media and internet are showing where the world is going. Connected and empowered people are the new centerpiece. Money is not the fuel for this motor.. It is emotions and experiences. Now that people are driving the world. They start repossessing property long lost to again the brands. Property like space(ads), time(ads), production(co-creation) and media(web 2.0). All examples of the consumer having a greater influence on our available resources. These consumers need to be facilitated and served. Like we served the brands and large corporates. Focus needs to be on co-created value.

So how should companies act how’s life have been about production. How can you change if your whole house has been constructed to produce. Here is the real advice!!(better reference me)

  1. Start cutting the company up in to clear functions(production, distribution, innovation, retail)
  2. Resource analysis: Examine where you truly outperform your competition. Examine where you have unique qualities. Access to resources and skills
  3. Ask yourself if you still wish to be active in each function.( We live in a transparent world where only those how are excellent survive)
  4. In your chosen functions start developing a way how you could serve a connected, demanding and involved customer. Open your function. Create platforms to play. Invite customers. Give access to your resources and skills. Teach them, learn them, create together, improve together, market together.

Only those how can facilitate customers to jointly create great experiences will survive.

Power to the people

Raimo van der Klein

Just watched The Secret. Nice documentary on the Law of Attraction. Basically anything you give attention to will grow. If you feel joy, more joy will be created by the universe.. etc, etc. I watched it online. It is worth the $4,95 😉

The movie gives you guidance on how to create your own desired reality. Big question I know have how would this apply in a 20.000 people company. Could we use brands as tools to focus our thoughts and feeling in companies. In a 100% transparant world there is no difference between corporate image and brand image anyway. Is there? For example if a company lacks creativity. How would you turn this around using the law of attraction? Somehow you would need to focus on creativity and everybody would need to imagine the loads of creative people working there.. You would need to believe the creative energy, the waterfall of ideas and the fertile breeding ground. Or would it be enough if the CEO would believe it? nah.

If brands are there to be admired and loved. Why not focus them on the employees instead of on consumers.. Use the power of visualisation to create a strong image of the company you wish to be. An emotional and passionate image. Full of purpose and meaning. This to create change within the company. This change will be visible to consumers and resulting in a better reputation.

Old model: brand=>changes consumer=>changes sales
New model: brand => changes employees=> changes company(reputation)=>changes consumers=> changes sales

Just some crazy thoughts..



All around me I see businesses and complete industries asking themselves this question. How is it that right now so many people are asking themselves this question? It is almost like finding an object in your basement and asking yourself where did I use this for? Or in the middle of a fight you asking yourself why the hell did we start this fight? Strange to see people sitting in the middle of their resources and tools questioning their purpose or reason of existence. What changed? Just like in the example of the tool and the fight time passed and the use or purpose of the item diminshed. Therefore becoming obsolete. In other words the energy just went out of it. It is Autumn in company land. Why would this happen. Why do we have a changed view on the use or purpose of companies(maybe we don’t see it yet that conscious). My personal belief is that the beliefsystem of “welfare = happiness” isn’t right. Also the beliefsystem of “stuff = happiness” isn’t right anymore. Well companies are the centerpiece of both these beliefsystems. So now our pursuit of happiness continues towards new beliefs. Basically we created machines that would bring us happiness but didn’t. We also created a beliefsystem that isolated growth(careers, marketshare, beauty) would bring us happiness. We believed that a free market meant healthy competition. All these beliefs are crumbling currently. Basically resulting in companies ignoring it, companies that are apathic, companies that sell themself and companies that are adapting.

How are the new beliefs looking? Well again in my opinion in random order: people = happiness, collaboration = happiness and contribution = happiness. What will be build as the centerpiece of such beliefs? Well it is US. Not the United States but YOU, ME and WWW. The empowered and connected human. No longer slave of the tools he build. No longer dependent on the institutions he build to govern him. A flat world. Total democracy. What role do companies have in such a world? They are no longer the motor of society. They were great to create strong countries but they are not great to create a strong world. Or are they? Is it unthinkable that these thoughts might even influence the perceived value of money? The motor is a connected virtual marketplace of millions and millions of individuals. Sharing, creating, trading, recommending, changing, influencing, exchanging and demanding.

I believe this future brings companies back in the role of creating tools and being tools. Like the blacksmith in any medievil village. Access to resources and happy to serve you.

So if you ask yourself what business am I in. Here is the answer: whatever business you choose to be in. Look at your access to resources. Look at your skills. Ask yourself how you can support the new beliefsystem and create tools to support this new world.

Just read on a dutch blog about Pepsi’s new cans. With these new designs(35) they try to attract the youth and hope that they will choose Pepsi over Coca Cola. Designs are for example about music, cars, and sport. People can also create(yeah yeah) their own design..

Please stop squeezing the marketing system! Optimizing the attention game is just so uninteresting. Change the game!!

I really start to hate this kind of marketing… I really start to be ashamed for being associated with marketing. How do these new cans contribute to anything? How does it make the product better? What additional value is offered. This is just about value extraction. How serious are you about your consumers? Just more share of stomach?

Please Pepsi challenge challenge challenge!!!! Happy to help…


P.S. Sometimes it just all comes out at once.. Hope you are not startled by my emotional outburst..

So when will we see the first Visa device, BMW device, Porsche device and maybe hmm.. Raimo device??(User Generated Phones can that be the future?)

Seriously.. You see that big scale companies have difficulties managing the customer. Their brand just does not connect. In LG’s case they need a brand closer to the public they want to reach. In this case Prada(a small scale player with a clear target audience). Prada customizes the phone so it will fit that specific segment.

Have a look at this presentation on Slideshare showing the development that large scale production houses are slowly pushed back in the value chain and that the customer relation(knowledge, distribution and provision) is managed by small scale companies understanding certain specific customer groups..

Article at Boing Boing:

LG Electronics introduced its Prada mobile phone today. Designed in collaboration with the Italian fashion design firm, the device uses an entirely touch screen-based interface similar, some say, to the iPhone. The phone is slated to launch next month in Europe for approximately €600 (US$775), followed by China, Singapore, and Korea. No plans to bring it to the US have been announced.


Nice post on BrandTarot about the role of spirituality in brands. Here a small excerpt:

Brand and spirituality are of course in some ways opposed. Brands are mostly indulgent, ego-boosting, superficial. Spirituality is mostly disciplined, ego-sacrificing, about the search for deeper meaning. So how they come together would of course be a creative event, and not an easy mix. People in any field to do with virtue (eg environmentalists) are rightly mistrustful of publicity and the dangers of doing things for appearances (greenwashing).

Absolute great simple post on Brand Autopsy.

It’s just one more reminder that Starbucks spends its advertising dollars on making better products and better customer experiences and not on making funnier television commercials.


Contribution Marketing

Contribution Marketing is the activity of focusing on creating intrinsic ‘product’ value with the purpose to contribute to individuals, groups and this planet. The coming years competitive advantage is created purely by right brain activities: creativity, intuition, communication and a holistic view of the world. This blog is about releasing the strength of the right side brain within businesses. It shows ways to create new value in an emotional driven world. This blog has the ambition to support companies to reach their true potential.

Companies applying Contribution Marketing see themselves as a part of society(instead of isolated closed entities) with a clear definition of their role on how to contribute to this society. These companies are not primarily focussed on growth, more profit or marketshare increase. These companies are focussed on creating TRUE(e.g. not aspirational) value to a group and extract sufficient value to be able to keep facilitating their selected group of people.

“Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.”


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