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Hi guys,

I decided to aggregate my blogs into one..

That means that Contribution Marketing is moving to a different URL.

Hope you follow me 😉




Received this great picture from a dear friend

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source from picture: Atzaro 


Can’t find anything to post..

Don’t feel like reading my RSS feeds..

Last week I became very visual again.. Downloading movies, hanging around on YouTube..

Next to becoming visual I am also more social. Higher need to converse and collaborate DIRECT.


Where is the creative and active blogger(ahum)..??

Is it cyclical? Do I need to breathe in again before I can exhale again?

Is it seasonal?

Is it time to sponge or time to incubate?

Robert Wright: How cooperation (eventually) trumps conflict

Press image to see full scale..



Just read my weekly(or is it monthly?) update from Springwise. It had an article about Coca Cola:

 Magazine on a bottleOffering girls on the move something to read with their diet beverage,
Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first soft drink company to use the
Magazine on a Bottle concept.

It reminded me of a post I made about Coca Cola and their true value:

That made me think on the true value of Coca Cola. Currently I believe it is the distribution network. It is the distribution network that connects Coca Cola with the customer. The recipe is secret, but is it really that valueble?

What if Coca Cola sees cans and bottles as distribution units. What if I could put a mini CD in a canshaped container. Distribute it through the Coca Cola network. I could buy a chilled CD from the vending machine.

Hehe…let’s see when it happens..


Contribution Marketing

Contribution Marketing is the activity of focusing on creating intrinsic ‘product’ value with the purpose to contribute to individuals, groups and this planet. The coming years competitive advantage is created purely by right brain activities: creativity, intuition, communication and a holistic view of the world. This blog is about releasing the strength of the right side brain within businesses. It shows ways to create new value in an emotional driven world. This blog has the ambition to support companies to reach their true potential.

Companies applying Contribution Marketing see themselves as a part of society(instead of isolated closed entities) with a clear definition of their role on how to contribute to this society. These companies are not primarily focussed on growth, more profit or marketshare increase. These companies are focussed on creating TRUE(e.g. not aspirational) value to a group and extract sufficient value to be able to keep facilitating their selected group of people.

“Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.”


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