Contribution Marketing is focusing on creating intrinsic ‘product’ value with the purpose to contribute to individuals, groups and this planet. It differs from traditional marketing as it is not the servant of the growth of companies, but the servant of the Connected Consumer. This is a fundamental different way of looking at your business. This more holistic approach to doing business wil result in bridging the gap between corporations and society.

Companies applying Contribution Marketing see themselves as a part of society(instead of isolated closed entities) with a clear definition of their role on how to contribute to this society. These companies are not primarily focussed on growth, more profit or marketshare increase. These companies are focussed on creating TRUE(e.g. not aspirational) value to a group and extract sufficient value to be able to keep facilitating their selected group of people. Companies need to question their role in the value chain. Analyse if they can best manage each function in this chain. Analyse their access to resources and question if they have the means to facilitate these resources on open platforms.

If you would use Maslow’s Pyramid we are talking about self actualization of organisations. A phase where it is about being what you can be. Where ego is surpassed by contribution.

A company at best can be itself..